Cell Phone Basics explained

Basics of Cell Phones, important features and Specifications

This is website is a guide to buy new cell phone. We advise how to select phone by features and point out the most important features of a cell phone which should be considered.

Cell phone features and benefits

Please see below the most important features of a cell phone and what the benefits are of each cell phone feature.

How to know phone screen size, Best mobile phone display types

How phone screen size is measured explained. The display of a cell phone can refer to the type of screen like LCD or OLED or to the display resolution. The higher the display resolution the text on the screen becomes sharper and easier to read and also the pictures stand out sharp and crisp. The type of screen is important, for example LCD screens are brighter and easier to read outdoors. OLED screens have superb color and fantastic pictures. …….MORE

What are the different kinds of Phone memory

A cell phone has different kinds of memories used for different purposes. There is the RAM or random access memory, then there is ROM or Read Only Memory and there is phone inetrnal memory, external microSD card memory and so on. We explain the functions of each of these memories. …….MORE

What is the best MP for a phone camera

Most people are under the impression that a phone with a higher MP (Mega Pixels) is the better camera phone. It is just not the MP in a phone camera that makes it good. How to judge a phone camera depends on many factors like the size of the pixels in the sensor, the quality of the camera lens, etc. So do not depend only on ‘what is a good MP for a phone camera?’ but also consider other factors. …….MORE

What is the best kind of cell phone battery

Now almost all smartphones come with non-removable batteries and fitted with best battery type for mobile phones, which is either a Lithium ion or Lithium polymer battery. The common belief that the bigger the battery, the longer the phone will last, may not be true anymore. Factors like high efficiency processors, power consumption of the screen, etc. also come into play. ……..MORE

What is the best phone screen size

Screen size is one of the most important consideration in buying a smartphone for most people. A bigger screen is great for watching movies and reading text. The downside is, the bigger the screen the more difficult it gets to carry it around. ……MORE

What are the best big phones now

We have a table comparing the main specifications of the best large screen cell phones available now: Apple 7+, Samsung Galaxy S8 and the Sony Xperia XZ Premium ……MORE

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