Cell Phone Basics explained

Best new large screen phones available now in 2017

The table below shows the specs of the best large screen phones available today. The table is so arranged that it is easy to compare the specifications of these best new big screen phones now.

The benefits of having a big phone are many, like easy to read, beautiful large videos to enjoy watching movies wherever you are, better experience playing games and so on.

The disadvantage of having a bigger phone is that it may not fit into your shirt pocket, but will easily fit in a hand bag or pant pockets. Then there is a problem of operating a bigger phone with one hand. Other than these minor inconvenience, the large screen phones are like having a laptop with you all the time.

Why big phones are better

We are listing below the reasons why bigger phone with bigger screens are better. The main advantages of having a large screen phone are

Compare best cell phones side by side

Here is a comparison table of the top model big screen cell phones available today :

Compare best cell phones side by side
SpecificationApple 7+Galaxy S8+Sony XZ Premium
Screen Size5.5″6.2″5.46″
Screen Pixels1080 x 19201440 x 29604K – 3840 x 2160
Water ResistanceIP67IP68IP68
Internal Memory32/128/25664 / 12864GB
microSD cardNoupto 256GBupto 256GB
CameraDual 12 MP12MP19MP
Front camera7 MP8MP13MP

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